About Me

Make a joyful noice unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.  Psalm 98:4 …

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer April 5, 2011.  I was 55 years old, mother of 4 grown children, grandmother of 6, and recently divorced.

I want to connect with you and let you know me, how it feels and is to *be* with Breast Cancer in a world where it seems to be just about the hair.  I want to give voice to an alone disease in a connected world.  I want a place for my love to shine through.  Here is my journey with Breast Cancer.  I started this blog at the time of my Chemo but am only now publishing it … Let’s see how that goes …

Let me introduce you to my family.  We are the Stable Family.  Dad.  My daugher and her husband Mary & Joe Incredible and their 5 children:  Bud(10), Miss M(7), Sunshine(5), Madame President(3), and Sweet Pea(8 months).  My son and his wife, Gavin & Elly Fine and their 2 children:  Blessing(7) and Champ(5).  My daugher and her partner Rochelle & Frank Undecided and their son Little Sprout(7 months).  And last but not least my son, JJ Single. I have a fabulous extended family that you will meet as I journey along.

I also have a wonderful group of girlfriends that I draw strength from.

And a team of oncologists, nurses, technicians, and doctors all doing the best they can for me.

I live alone.

I believe in God, prayer and healing.

I believe in you.

This is my joyful noise!


10 Responses to About Me

  1. sue39 says:

    I love it! You were meant to write! Many people will be encouraged by your honesty and your journey. Love you tons!

  2. Shirly Hewlett says:

    Here’s your new calling Ruth…keep at it and we’ll spread the word for you because you have a way of communicating and your encouragement to ladies who are going through this Cancer journey will be touched by it. Keep up the good work!

  3. Dear, dear Ruth,
    If you only knew how many prayers we have said for you. Sorry, we are not still in B.C.
    to give you more support. Staying as positve as you can is the best thing.( Easy for me to say). I am sure that is difficult at times. But sharing your thoughts and communicating with others not only helps you, but helps many others. We will continue to keep you in our prayers. God Bless and give you all the strength that you need.
    Love and kisses,
    Sharon and Dave (Ritchie)

  4. June Gauntley says:

    Ruth, I am so delighted that you have decided to go ahead with journalling your journey. You have an awesome style that reaches the heart. You will encourage others who are perhaps just starting their journey with your honesty and faith and humour. Thank you, on behalf of those who will be blessed, for doing this!

  5. GYA today says:

    Ruth, you are an inspiration, to me for sure, and I’ll bet to many, many others. The thing is, neither you, nor I, nor any of us, will ever know the extent of our inspiration and influence. The effects of our words and actions continue to ripple like a stone in water, ending, if at all, we never know where or how far away.

    Continue to write, continue to inspire, continue to allow your ripples to benefit others. 🙂

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