Steroids, gotta watch’em

I live at the coast, I live on a bluff, just 4 houses south the land drops off to the Ocean.  The air is fresh and wonderful here!  It is also full of salt.  My new (2007) barbecue had shown signs for rust a couple of years back so my dad, with all good intentions, tried to remove it.  Well, the rust actually took over the barbecue instead of disappearing!  Poor Dad, he couldn’t get over that, the barbecue was completely wrecked although it still fired up.  Each time he comes to visit he feels he needs to work on that barbecue.  It’s hopeless but he goes out there and fusses around.  I had had it with that barbecue, had it!  I was also “HI” on steroids.  🙂

“That’s it, Dad I am done with that barbecue!”

“Well, what do you mean?  It’s a new barbecue.”

“Dad, it was new, it’s shot, we are going to buy a new one, right now, let’s go!”

“Where are you going, it’s the end of the season, where are you going to find a barbecue now?”

We get in the car and I drive straight to a little barbecue Shop not far from my house, we start at the “low-end” barbeques and end up at the “high-end” barbecue.  Remember I am a single woman living alone but I don’t remember that.  I buy the biggest barbecue they had.  Then I want it delivered.  No, they can’t do that.  Not possible.  They ask me if I have support people.  I just looked at them, lifted my Chemo hat to show “no hair” and said “This is it, he is 80 and I am on Chemo!”

After a lot of flurry in and out of the back room a deal was struck.  If I would pick up the barbecue on Thursday night, Chad would come over, bring it up the stairs and assemble it.  “Yes, I can do that!”

We returned home and Dad worked like a beaver to disassemble the old barbecue before the new one arrived.

I called Rochelle to see if Frank would help Dad haul the barbecue down the stairs and to the road.  Frank was shocked “Who let her out! She has cancer, what is she doing buying a barbecue in October!”  Yes, he would help the next time he was by.

The barbecue Shop called, it would take 10 days before the barbecue would be in stock; I would be off the “HI” of steroids.

Dad got the barbecue disassembled.  My girlfriends would drop by and mention that I had a lot of metal down by the basement suite.  I hadn’t noticed, I was in resting.

“Dad, the old barbecue, um, it should go out to the curb.”

“Yes, I working on taking it apart and I have it all down by the basement suite, nobody can see that from the street.”

“Dad, it needs to go out to the curb.  That way people can see it, to pick it up.”

“You can’t have that out there, this isn’t a Nuisance Ground Ruth, your neighbours will complain.”

“OK, Dad put it to the curb, we will go for coffee, and if it is not gone by the time we get back I buy dinner, if it is …”

The old barbecue was GONE.

I started to think about my purchase.  It has that nice, special searing grill on the side to sear the steak just right …

I have Breast Cancer, I am supposed to reduce the amount of Red Meat I eat, I live alone, what do I need a huge barbecue for?  My VISA is already busy with the Neupogen charges, it doesn’t need a barbecue too.  I don’t need a huge barbecue; I don’t even need a barbecue!  My mind begins to chatter …

I have a lovely barbecue and once in a while I grill a few peppers!  🙂

Steroids … I gotta watch’em.

In everything give thanks!


About It's Just About The Hair!

I was 55 when diagnosed with Invasive and Infiltrating Breast Cancer, Stage 3 (i). This is my journey. Through my journey I hope to raise awareness of Stage 3 (i) Breast Cancer. I want to give voice to an alone disease in a connected world. I want a place for my love to shine through. Here will be my story.
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11 Responses to Steroids, gotta watch’em

  1. Lorrie says:

    Too funny! Love that you can see the humour in all of this.

  2. Ha! Next time my husband questions a purchase I am totally saying.. “at least it’s not a bbq in October”. 🙂

    • I know, it’s crazy! How are you doing? Are you changing your diet? I do fine and then not so fine in the whole diet/healthy living thing. Bought some kale, today … Ellen Degeneres (in her book) claims it’s the secret to life …
      I don’t know about all this diet/healthy living thing but I am giving it a go!

      • I do okay diet wise. I’ve always loved all fruits and most veggies anyway, so that hasn’t been too hard. I eat a lot of fish, don’t care for fried foods. But.. I also love a nice juicy steak and baked potato or burgers on the grill. It’s an ongoing process 😉

  3. Jay Drayer says:

    You and your dad sound like you have an absolutely priceless relationship. Really enjoyed reading this piece and all the vivid mental pictures it brought to mind!

  4. Grilled peppers sound just right! And you could grill other veggies and fish and bananas or pears – strange but yummy! I think you picked the perfect purchase. 🙂

    I am sending extra special Easter hugs and wishes of light to you this weekend. Take care my wonderful friend and feel spectacular. Hugs and more hugs! Joanna

  5. Thank you, Joanna! Hope you had a super Easter! I did! 8 grandchildren, in matching outfits, on an Easter Egg Hunt; what could be better?
    He is Risen!
    Life is good!

  6. June Gauntley says:

    Love the bbq story Ruth! And for what it’s worth, I think you need the biggest bbq going! So, you did not overbuy when you were on your steroid “hi”!!! Love this!!! Love you too! 🙂

  7. Thank you, June! Love, you too!

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