The day I needed Soap and Napkins!

… Back to Chemotherapy …

In my post “Healthy Living” I mentioned that I would be on steroids while on Chemotherapy.  The purpose was to help keep my blood counts and my weight, up, yes up!  I am only taking the steroids 3 days each round; the day before Chemo, the day of Chemo and the day after Chemo.  I think it stays in your system … check with your doctor … pretty sure.

What I didn’t realize was just how it would affect me.

I remember it was my birthday and Aunt Bea was here, visiting me, cooking for me, and being available.  Aunt Bea is a morning person, I thought it would be a good idea to go out for breakfast and make a few returns, I needed to hit Future Shop and H&M.    I was also out of hand soap … you know the whole “wash your hands, wash your hands!” … so I needed to hit Bath and Body Works, because you know … I needed to … and if we were already in Richmond … I was out of napkins … we should hit IKEA.

Seriously, this completely made sense to me at the time.  7:00 am we are up and out the door, off for breakfast.   My old neighbor, (well, she is not old, but I feel like she is from a past life) calls, wants to have breakfast with us, she has a birthday gift for me.  She stops in a the restaurant and visits with us.  It was a nice visit but now we are off.  Off to Future Shop, it doesn’t open until 10:00am, we stop at H&M same thing, I wonder “What do morning people do all morning?”  I check the time, if we leave for Richmond, we will be there 45 minutes, Bath and Body Works should be just opening, so off we go.  Aunt Bea is excited about going to Bath and Body Works, she wants to get some soaps for her daughter and daughter-in-law.

I barrel down the highway like a calf out of the shoot, changing lanes and chatting.  I was right, Bath and Body Works was open, I bought a bag of soaps, Aunt Bea not so much, but she was happy with her purchases.  And we were off to IKEA.  By the time we reached IKEA I was visibly tired.  There was no reasoning with me.  I got a cart and leaned on it … I was on a mission to buy napkins!   IKEA in Richmond is the same size as it is everywhere, huger than huge, larger than large; we took a short cut (never short), I knew where the napkins were, and we stayed on the bottom level.  It was as if my brain was directed by the steroids and my body directed by the chemotherapy.  I was determined with a dragging, leaning body.  When we reached the napkins, I filled the cart.  I can still see the surprise in Aunt Bea’s eyes but she didn’t let on, just smiled.  We filled the car with napkins and return to S Surrey, to Future Shop and H&M.  Errands completed we returned home, where I crashed.

You can buy napkins and soap anywhere.

Who was that in my brain making those crazy decisions?

Little did I realize … I would be making another purchase while on steroids … it would make even less sense …

It makes us laugh and laughter is good medicine!


About It's Just About The Hair!

I was 55 when diagnosed with Invasive and Infiltrating Breast Cancer, Stage 3 (i). This is my journey. Through my journey I hope to raise awareness of Stage 3 (i) Breast Cancer. I want to give voice to an alone disease in a connected world. I want a place for my love to shine through. Here will be my story.
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