Not a cougar!

Aunt Bea calls, she is coming out to look after me during my surgery.  “It’s just day surgery.”  I tell her.  She can’t believe that, I am a little frightened about that too, but it is.

Aunt Liz calls, she want to come out too.  She has 3 1/2 weeks of holidays.  She is going to spend them with me.

Between Aunt Bea, Aunt Liz and I we get it all coordinated.  Aunt Bea will be here then Aunt Vivian and Uncle Charlie will stop in, just over night and then Aunt Liz.  Perfect.

Both my girls are pregnant.  Both are concerned about the radiation.  I have to go first to The Neuro Science Unit at St. Paul’s Hospital for an injection 6:45 am.  It’s a dye that attracts the cancer cells.  The surgeon will “pull out” the nodes that are “lit up” with the dye.  Then I check in for surgery at Mt. St. Joseph, it’s a separate building, part of St. Paul’s, about a 30 minute drive.  St Paul’s Hospital has assured me there would be not problem with the dye and pregnant women in close proximity but why take any chances, Gavin will drive me.   Aunt Bea comes along.

I come from a very brave family.

May 3, 2011, Brian, Aunt Bea and I pile into the car and off we go, it’s early, we arrive and park at St. Paul’s Hospital, we find our way to the Neuro Science Unit, we take a number.  Like at the Deli, one of those numbers.  I am waiting to be injected just around the nipple of the left breast.  My number is called, I register.  And I wait …

The nurse calls my name.

As I am leaving Gavin says,

“Do you want me to come with you, Mom?”

“No” the nurse shouts.

“I guess not”  I say to Gavin.

As she and I walk through the hall she says to me “Did he say Mom or did he say Hon?”

“Mom” I say

“O, you’ll be just fine!” she says with relief.

Not a cougar!

I unzip my special top and she comments.

“That’s the perfect top for you, today”

“Yes” I tell her “It is a gift from Elly, my daughter-in-law”


About It's Just About The Hair!

I was 55 when diagnosed with Invasive and Infiltrating Breast Cancer, Stage 3 (i). This is my journey. Through my journey I hope to raise awareness of Stage 3 (i) Breast Cancer. I want to give voice to an alone disease in a connected world. I want a place for my love to shine through. Here will be my story.
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